Ascot Racecourse

Next Race Meeting 02/04/2017
Report Date 02/04/2017 15:30:00
Official Going Good Good to Firm in places
GoingStick C: 7.3 H: 7.6 on Sunday at 0800
Watering Watered 5mm Thursday. No further watering planned
Rails The running rail on the Chase course is positioned approx 6yds out from its innermost position around Swinley Botton and between 1 and 3yds out around the rest of the course. The rail on the Hurdle course is positioned approx 3yds out around the whole course. Increasing distances by approx: Race 1 adds 22yds Race 2 adds 18yds Races 3, 5 and 7 adds 36yds Race 4 adds 24yds Race 6 adds 28yds
Dry week to 6am Sunday. Dry forecast for Sunday
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