Ascot Racecourse

May Racing Weekend 12th - 13th May
Next Race Meeting 13/05/2017
Report Date 13/05/2017 11:03:00
Official Going Good to Firm
GoingStick Straight 8.5 Round 7.9 on Saturday at 08:15
Watering Watered whole course 10mm Friday. Watered Monday: Straight 10mm, Round 5mm Watered Wednesday: Straight 4mm, Round 3mm
Rails The runnning rail on the round course is positioned approx 3yds out from its innermost position from the 1M 4F Start to the Home straight. Increasing distances by approx: 1M 2F and 1M 4F Starts: 12yds 2M Start: 18yds
Stalls 5F: Standside Remainder of Straight Course: Centre Round Course: Inside
5mm rain overnight to Friday morning, 0.6mm during Friday.
1mm rain Saturday morning to 11am. Due to clear during
the morning to a fine day.
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